Friday, April 10, 2009

Eggcelent Idea/Egg Head

The girls and I have been doing lots of fun things this week getting ready for Easter. The other day I gave the girls little felt Easter bags with Easter eggs I had filled with little chocolate eggs. Although they can't eat the candy yet, Anna Claire and Mallory have sure had fun shaking those Easter eggs and making lots of noise -- "egg"celent idea!

Later that day Cousin Connor came over and opened the eggs and ate all the candy, which was probably a good thing; otherwise, I would have eaten it all myself!
And speaking of eggs, can you see the goose egg on the side of Anna Claire's forehead? She was trying to pull up on a toy which slid out and away from her and she bumped her head on the way down -- harder than I originally thought. The scary-looking bump is gone, but now she has a nasty bruise.

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