Saturday, October 11, 2008

Favorite Things

Four months into parenting twins, we've figured out there are several things we just can't live without. These may not be the "coolest" things, most come from BRU, Target,...but they are must-haves for us!! Just thought I'd share...

Sleeping (these items were a must for establishing our sleep routine)

  • Inclined to Sleep sleep positioners - Even though the girls don't use these anymore, they were a major part of our sleep routine and I'm convinced helped get the girls to sleep through the night. I also had peace of mind knowing the girls heads were elevated in case of spitting up. Now we just elevate the mattresses.
  • Homedics Sound Spa Lullaby - We use the "ocean" setting for white noise anytime the girls are napping or asleep for the night, but we do not use the projection. Both Granny and Grandmom have one, also.
  • Moms-on-Call swaddling blanket (or any flannel blanket at least 40x40 inches) - I read about Moms-on-Call on Holly's blog just as the girls were outgrowing their thermal blankets and I never liked the "straight-jacket style" swaddlers even though we tried them. We don't swaddle anymore, either, but they were the perfect blanket.


  • We love Dr. Brown's BPA-free bottles! We've used just about every Dr. Brown's product they make. I really think the system works - at least for us.
  • Rubbermaid Mixer Mate (small!) This is the perfect container for mixing formula! The measurements on the side are the closest to the water/formula ratio we mix (closer to any formula pitcher I've found, and I've looked at all of them). We have two since the girls are on different formulas. The don't leak no matter how hard you shake them and we sterilize them right along with the bottles. Both of them including lids, fit in our Dr. Brown's sterilizer. Ours have lime green lids!


  • Gerber Terry Burp Cloths - I know what you're thinking - burp cloths and bathing?? I don't use them as burp cloths. The are made of terry cloth and they're thin like the thin baby washcloths and they are about as long as Mallory and Anna Claire from chin to toe. I keep the cloths wet with the warm bath water and keep the girls covered during bathing so they don't get chilled.
  • Bathtub Sponge - Bathing wasn't going so well in the beginning; the girls weren't comfortable in the baby tub with the newborn sling or without it, we tried the bathtub sponge in our tub, but the girls did NOT like bathing flat on their backs. Bath time still wasn't as fun as I knew it could be. Finally, I put the sponge in the baby tub - just the kind of support and stability the girls needed to be able to sit up in the baby tub without slipping and sliding.



  • Biz - I use Dreft for everyday baby laundry, but Biz gets out the three p's best - poop, prune juice, and prevacid!


  • Anything Carters - You can't beat 'em for cuteness, comfort, cost, and quality.

And finally, we absolutey could not have made it without our bouncy seats (ours aren't quite that tacky, but they'e close) and swings! We have two of each - and no floor space in our living room.

What are some of your favorite things? I'm always looking for new baby products to try!

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