Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Break in Full Swing ~ Finally

The girls and I have taken things sslllooooowww this week, but we have been having lots of fun hanging around the house and getting into the holiday spirit!

Yesterday we made gingerbread houses. Last year I bought the preassembled house and all we had to do was decorate it. This year I bought the gingerbread village which had to be assembled first. What was I thinking? I am still taking pain killers! But, I iced every last wall, window, door, and roof together for the girls to decorate. They loved it!

Okay, so we only decorated the roofs, but they were still so cute! Later in the afternoon, we made Christmas cookie bark from the same recipe I used for our Halloween cookie bark. This might as well be pure sugar. I only allow the girls a tiny piece at a time. They are a huge help breaking up the Oreos and pretzels.

Last night we headed over to Grandmom's for dinner and a little early gift~giving. The girls love jumping off the steps from the dining room into the living room:
 Mallory was singing "Jingle Bells" at the top of her lungs so couldn't be bothered with looking at the camera.
 Anna Claire was in the mood to be cute last night ~ not very hard for her!

Anna Claire and Mallory had a great time last night. Thanks to Great~Grandmom, Aunt Helen and Uncle Terry for the special gifts! The girls read books and colored all day today which was great because I got to finish wrapping presents! Woo~hoo!!

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