Friday, December 16, 2011


Anna Claire woke up Thursday covered in an awful rash that's gotten worse as it's spread down her body...

Thursday morning about 7am:
 Thursday at playschool about 11:00am:
 Thursday night about 7pm:
She's pretty tired of me asking to check her rash {and take pictures of her}, and you do not want to see what the rest of her body looks like tonight anyway; it would shock you. I've never seen anything like it. She is covered in red splotches all over ~ ears, face, neck, tummy, back, bottom, arms, legs, even the bottoms of her feet. Her little thighs are the worst ~ just one big red, swollen, hot splotch that looks like the worst sunburn you've ever had.

Dr. T. thinks it's probably a "drug reaction" to the amoxicillin she had been taking {no longer} for her very first ear infection...meaning she's likely not allergic to amoxicillin/penicillin but rather has caught a virus that has caused a reaction to the antibiotic.

As horrible as it looks, the good news is that she's not itching, hasn't run a fever and doesn't seem to be affected in any other way than the rash itself. We're hoping it will be gone by Monday; if not, we'll likely be headed back to the pedi. With my nose job all set for tomorrow {septoplasty and turbinate reduction}, I am SO hoping she looks better when we wake up...what a way to start our Christmas break!


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