Sunday, December 18, 2011

Little Angels

Thursday was Anna Claire and Mallory's Christmas program and class party at playschool. Here we are all excited in front of Granny's tree.
The children in the girls' class were dressed as angels complete with a little halo on top of their heads which I wish you could see better in the pictures. I didn't get a new lens for my camera like I said I would, and was kicking myself the whole time. That is definitely on top of my list now!

Anna Claire and Mallory did great on the stage; they smiled and waved and sang along to several songs. I was actually surprised Mallory didn't sing more ~ she's definitely our singer around the house and in the car. No dresses over Mallory's head like last year, but at one point in the middle of the program, Anna Claire did call out, "Hey, Daddy!" So sweet!
After the program, it was time for the class party.

The girls and their friends indulged in lots of yummy holiday treats!

It is so hard to believe half the school year is already over and that Christmas is in one week. I know two little angels who cannot wait for Santa!

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