Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We had a very Merry Christmas. Anna Claire and Mallory received lots of wonderful presents {and Mommy and Daddy did pretty well ourselves}. We are truly blessed!

Here are probably way too many pictures to share of Christmas Eve and Christmas day, but we just had way too much fun!

Christmas Eve at GiGi's...

 Getting ready for Santa...

I love the expressions on Anna Claire's and Mallory's faces below. I snapped this just after we told them we thought we heard reindeer land on the roof.


Christmas morning ~ I was so excited I had my camera on the wrong setting, but I think you can tell how excited Anna Claire and Mallory were {I love the arms thrown back}.
 Checking it all out...
The first gift from Santa both girls went for were the Disney princess baby dolls. Anna Claire asked for baby Aurora and Mallory asked for baby Ariel {then changed her mind to Belle, then went back to Ariel, then Belle,...you get the idea}. Thankfully, Santa made the right choice and delivered a baby Ariel doll {whew!}. And if anyone needs a Disney Animator's Collection Belle doll, I may or may not have one for sale. ;-)

 Christmas day at Granny and Papa's ~ Anna Claire is giving her gifts a closer look...

Someone thought it would be cute to give the girls cammo outfits for Christmas. I think Anna Claire's expression says it all.

 Later in the day at Grandmom's ~ a new jeep to ride!

 Christmas night ~ the girls were worn out!
 The aftermath ~ poor Cody.
We have had a wonderful few days playing with all the girls' new toys and games. Instant hits include their Leapster Explorers, princess baby dolls, My Little Pony toys, and Where's That Chipmunk game. Of course, we have many more wonderful toys to keep us busy for literally months ~ thank you everyone for being so generous and making our Christmas extra special!!

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