Sunday, December 18, 2011

Road to Recovery

I am so happy to say that when Anna Claire woke up yesterday her rash looked so much better ~ not completely gone ~ but I am not freaking out about it anymore.

I haven't seen her to check the rash this morning because the girls had their very first sleep~over ever with Granny and Papa last night, so I could sleep after my sinus surgery {which seems to have gone very well considering that I'm feeling much better this morning than I though I would ~ Lortab will do that for ya'!}.

I cannot wait to hear how last night went; it is so strange for them to not be here in the house this morning; I am never at home without them and I miss them so much!

Thank you!! to Aunt Michelle for taking all the kids to visit GiGi yesterday, to Granny and Papa for keeping the girls last night, and to Grandmom for bringing over dinner. We love you!!!!

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