Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eight Months Old

It is so hard to believe that Anna Claire and Mallory are eight months old today. That's as long as they were inside me. Wow, can sixteen months pass by in a hurry!Both girls are getting really close to crawling now since Mallory has suddenly taken to enjoying tummy time which, in the past, hasn't been her favorite. Still no teeth for Anna Claire, but I just know the first one is coming any day. Both girls are very verbal. Mallory can make the b, d, and m sounds, and Anna Claire has just started saying mmmm.... She still screams and shrieks loudly FOR FUN! They are both such sweet girls who laugh all the time and fuss very little.
They love their solids and are doing great on level two, which besides some new and exciting varieties don't seem all that different from level one; although, they do gag on the thicker mixed-fruit yogurt. Also, I think I've decided that they will not eat jarred meat; I just can't make them do it. Yuck!
Both girls have become a little leery of strangers, especially Anna Claire (she gets very upset in the presence of unfamiliar people), but we are working on that by getting out and about a bit more. Hmmm...what shall we plan for this weekend?

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