Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hugs and Kisses

Happy first Valentine's Day, baby girls!

Anna Claire and Mallory had a such a good day (which included a two hour morning nap). They got lots of Valentines and books and "play" candy. Visits from Grandmom and Granny (Papa is still under the weather) made the day extra special!
Cousin Connor handmade their cards, and they even had a secret admirer leave something special on our doorstep. Okay, we knew it was from Cousin Owen who was probably smart not to come inside since we all still aren't feeling 100%, but it was fun peeking out the door to find the surprise (thanks!).

Anna Claire and Mallory, we love you so much!!!

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Tracy said...

Sorry I haven't commented lately! My MIL has been in town and it's been hectic. Your girls look ADORABLE here. Hope your headache fun.