Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Shoes

The girls got their first pair of "real" shoes this weekend - prewalkers, they're called. Not that we are anywhere near walking, and I'm not sure I would even classify Anna Claire and Mallory prewalkers, but it was time for them to have some really nice shoes that they'll be able to wear for a while as opposed to the sweet little "baby" shoes that are typically satin or some similar fabric and tie with a bow like they've been wearing. The new shoes are white leather with a Velcro strap and a cute little white leather flower on the top of each.

We went to Stride Rite where they were fitted for a size 2. They were actually each a size 1 1/2, so we went up a size to leave room for growth. They even had their picture taken by the nice sales lady. Okay, so it isn't the greatest picture - you can't even see the shoes (I've taken a picture of the picture below - sorry about the flash), but she did take two, so I'll have one for each of the girls' baby books.
And, how cute do they look in their new overalls?

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Tracy said...

That is adorable!!! How smart of them to take pictures. :)