Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sick Day

Walter is really sick and has spent most of the day in the bed, so my daddy came over tonight to help me feed the girls and put them to bed.

Walter really needed some medication, but I couldn't leave the girls here with him, and I couldn't take the girls out in the freezing cold. So, I called my dad in case he was on his way home from work to see if he could run through the drugstore and get a few things Walter needed. He didn't asnwer his cell, so I called home and my mom answered -Daddy was already home. He was immediately dispatched to CVS for emetrol, saltines, and ginger ale, and he stayed to help out. Thanks, Daddy!!!

Here's to hoping the girls and I don't catch whatever Walter has.


Brandon said...

Fingers crossed! I managed to stay well during the last round despite the fact that Brig, Owen, mom and dad were all sick.

Tracy said...

What a good daddy!

Hope you guys are all in the clear, and that Walter is feeling better soon!