Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How Low Can You Go?

When your baby can do this...

It's time to do this...
Mallory is now all about pulling up onto her knees while in the crib, and then once she gets there she isn't one bit happy about it!

Anna Claire is still rather stationary while sitting, and she isn't one bit happy about that as you can see in the background.

Walter lowered the mattresses on both cribs this evening which was no easy task. (Tip for those who have yet to lower their mattresses: it takes longer than you think it will, especially when you have to lower the mattresses for two cribs. I suggest doing this on a weekend day, not a week night - love you, Walter).

At first it looked like the mattresses were going to be so low, but then once we got them back in the crib, it's not really that much lower (and we lowered them all the way). I guess I was worried it would be difficult to lay the girls down to sleep at night without practically dropping them onto the mattress since I'm not exactly tall, but with the rail down, it's doable. We do dress them in their cribs since they've gotten so wiggly on the changing table, and that may be a little more difficult with the mattresses lower but not as bad as I originally thought.

All in all, I feel much safer and won't worry now that I'll wake up to find Mallory has toppled out of her crib. Yikes!

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