Saturday, March 7, 2009

For Real

Mallory is crawling for real and here's the video to prove it. Though she's still not feeling well, it seems she woke up this morning and decided she was tired of sitting still, scooting backwards, or just taking one or two crawls that never actually got her where she wanted to go. Looks like there' no stopping her now. Practice makes perfect...she's gotten even better at it as the morning has passed. So exhausted from all that moving, she's been napping now for an hour and forty-five minutes!


Tracy said...

Yay!!! Mallory!!!

LOVE it! Thanks for sharing. Also loved hearing your voice, and your shout out to Walter at the end. :)

Sara_Smiles said...


Now, you DO have the baby gates on order or sitting in a closet, right?! :)

How fun!

bali said...

There will be no stopping her now - only a matter of time before Anna Claire joins the fun.