Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Update

So much going on...

Friday afternoon, Mallory decided she could let go of the music table (which has gone from one of the girls' favorite toys to the only thing they want to play with) and STAND UP ON HER OWN! Holy cow!! She's good for anywhere from 2 to about 10 seconds then she just drops down to her bottom with a smile on her face and Anna Claire cracks up. So funny! This is their new game. By the way, Mallory is also pulling herself up to standing in her crib, etc. One more thing to worry about. :/

Saturday night the girls had their first "fine dining" experience. We all went to Oscar's for dinner to celebrate Walter's and my dad's birthday. The girls were golden! Not only were they so cute dressed in their new navy blue overalls with matching onesie with peter pan collar from Gymboree - no pictures :( - but they behaved so well. I knew they would; I just thought it would take some intervention on my part in the way of constant entertainment. I don't worry about fussiness in the food court at the mall, or Moe's, ABC, etc., but Oscar's is different! I was actually able to eat an appetizer, every bite of my dinner, and all the dessert I could manage to stuff my face with.

Later that night, Mallory woke up fussing about 9:30, which turned into broken-hearted crying by 10:00...which turned into quiet rocking until she fell asleep around 11:30. I'm not sure what was up - teething? Poor baby just wanted to be held which I had no problem with...

But then Anna Claire woke up fussing at 5 AM. She is our early riser, and I was afraid if I went in the nursery she would be awake for the day. I let her fuss for a while to no avail, and went in to rock her...only to find she had a seriously poopy diaper - I would have woke up crying, too! I was able to get her back to sleep by 6AM, and we all slept until 7! But poor Anna Claire pooped all day long (I lost count how many diapers I changed) which led to some serious irritation in the diaper area which she was none too happy about. I'm thinking she may have had a little tummy virus - she took a 2 1/2 hour nap this morning!

Both girls are soundly sleeping now; hopefully tonight will be more restful for all of us.

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