Friday, March 13, 2009

Nine Month "Well" Baby Visit

This was supposed to be our nine-month well-baby visit, but we found ourselves sitting on the sick side - again. The girls still have yucky noses after nine days and Mallory has developed a nasty cough. The good news...their ears and lungs look and sound good.

Now, on to the fun stuff:

Anna Claire
18 lbs. 8 oz.
28 inches
50th percentile

18 lbs. 13 oz.
28 1/4 inches
50th percentile

I must start taking bets on which baby is bigger - I would win every time!! ;-)

The girls are still good with four 7 1/2 ounce bottles a day and three solid meals a day. They are currently sharing cereal and two jars of fruit for breakfast, a jar of fruit and a jar of veggies for lunch, and a jar of cereal, a jar of fruit, and cereal for supper. We still have the OK to stay away from meat in a jar - yay! Dr. Tillman said we do not need to introduce meat until the girls are one year old and then it can be the real thing. We may also skip level three foods all together and begin introducing table food, starting with fruits and veggies, of course. Yum!

I've had concerns about the inconsistency of the girl's napping, but since they sleep so well at night, we are not to stress out about naps. It is also possible the girls are trying to tell us they only need one nap a day, so we may try to adjust their schedule and try one mid-day nap, but I have no idea what that would look like, so as long as they aren't feeling well, we'll stick with two naps for a while longer.

Time for new car seats! Although the girls do not surpass the limits for their current "carriers," we are to make the transition to convertible car seats and probably should have already. I had already begun my research, but my head is spinning now that we need to go ahead and make a decision. What to do?

Mallory is, in fact, teething again. As a mater of fact, I was able to see her right, top tooth under the gum. So, that explains the extreme fussiness from the past two days. Dr. Tillman didn't see a thing when she checked Anna Claire's gums.

The girls did as well as could be expected with their shots - a little fussier this afternoon than in the past, but they are sick. Mallory let Dr. Tillman see her crawl, but Anna Claire was not in the mood for showing off today.

Hmmm...what else? I had a bunch of other random questions about sippy cups, sun screen, shoes, etc.; that's the "big stuff" for now. I hope we don't find ourselves at the doctor's office again until the girls are one!


holly said...

we did a ton of research on car seats and we ended up getting these. we looove them and so do the boys!

Brandon said...

I will second that. We have Britax in both cars.

Tracy said...

Glad the kiddos had a good appointment in spite of the sickies!