Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's On the Menu?

Shortly after the girls' nine month appointment two weeks ago, we started slowly introducing table food. Here's what's currently on the menu...
  • bananas (slow at the start, but a huge hit now; very sticky)
  • mandarin oranges (the girls still aren't sure about these; a strange texture and really sweet; note: del monte was the only brand I could find that did not contain added sugar and was not packed in light syrup)
  • green beans (instant hit, but slippery in little fingers)
  • carrots (instant hit; can't get enough)
  • yogurt (their favorite!)

Here they are digging into their bananas. As you can see by the evidence on Anna Claire's bib, very little actually makes it into their mouths...but it's all about exploration. ;-)

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