Sunday, March 15, 2009

Harry Potter to the Rescue

Poor Mallory is still sick today, and Anna Claire is still feeling much better.

Mallory starts coughing as soon as we lay her down in her crib and has had several restless nights, so last night as we listened to her coughing in her sleep, we thought to elevate the head of the crib (thanks, mom). But how would we do that without waking her up? If we tried to put another folded-up towel under the mattress like we've done for her reflux, she would surely wake up. So, we thought we could possibly elevate the crib itself by sliding something under the legs at the head of the crib. We waited until one of her coughing "fits" was over and snuck into the nursery on our mission - Walter would lift the head of the crib and I would slide two of the thickest novels I could find under each leg - and we would do this in the dark without talking to each other.

We got in and Walter lifted the crib. I stuck The Goblet of Fire under one leg and The Deathly Hallows under the other. Just as I was hurrying to get up off the floor before Walter dropped the crib on me, Mallory's little head popped up. Without the protection of our invisibility cloak, we had been discovered!

Poor thing started crying and crying, so of course I rocked her back to sleep and let her sleep on my chest for about an hour - no coughing. I put her to bed and she slept without coughing until about 12:30 AM. After a little bit of coughing, she was able to sleep until 7 AM.

Unfortunately, I am listening to her cough and cough right now as I type - but she isn't awake. Do I let he cough in her sleep knowing she isn't sleeping well, but sleeping nonetheless, or do I hold her on my chest, hoping she will sleep soundly? For how long?

I hope my baby is well soon.
By the way, Anna Claire slept through it all last night!

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