Saturday, March 14, 2009

Queens on Their Thrones

After much research and lots of good advice from friends and family, we went with the Alpha Omega Elite. As a matter of fact, my sister went with me and ended up buying the same seat for Dylan. It took her and Brain an hour to adjust and install it this afternoon, so it seems that Tracy was right. I guess it will take us two hours. Ugh!

Anna Claire and Mallory seem quite comfortable though I couldn't get them to smile; I think they were confused as to why they were sitting in car seats in the middle of the living room.
Can you see Mallory's runny little nose? Poor thing had a rough day today; she just did not feel well at all. Anna Claire seems much better.


holly said...

they do look like queens on thrones! lol. let me know how you like the seats. we are looking for a second set for the second car now.

Tracy said...

LOL Did I tell you how hard they were for Scott to install? I'm glad you like them. We've used them a couple times now, and the kiddos seem to like them.

Tracy said...

Lisa - got your comment...Scott said the directions said to roll up a couple towels to put under the front of the car seat (in the rear facing position.) He said that worked, but was a PITA. :)