Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dear Connor,

We had a great time at your t-ball game yesterday! You did an awesome job hitting the ball and running around the bases. We also liked watching you chase after the ball when someone on the other team hit it in your direction.We think you are a really good t-ball player, and we hope we get to come watch you play again soon.

Anna Claire and Mallory

We thought Lucy's pink cleats and pink bat were super cute, and we can't wait until we're old enough to play t-ball, too! and tired, no one would look at the camera!

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Michelle said...

Connor enjoyed reading the letter from the girls. It got him off the couch and made him smile. Earlier, he asked, "What will Mallory do when she meets Captain Hook?" "Laugh!" "What will Anna Claire do when she meets Captain Hook?" "Probably cry, but that's okay because I'll be with her!" He loves those girls!