Saturday, May 23, 2009

Financial Freedom

...not exactly, but we are about to save big bucks around here.

This weekend we are transitioning the girls from formula to whole milk. So far, they are doing great and don't seem to be able to detect that a thing has changed. They are down to three bottles a day now, and by the end of the weekend, they will be drinking only whole milk. YAY!

At one point when both Anna Claire and Mallory were drinking alimentum, Walter and I calculated that we were spending $600 a month on formula! What will we do with all that extra cash lying around? Hmmm...the girls do have a very important birthday coming up. ;-)


Brandon said...

It's so great when you are done with formula! Yes, it's cheaper, but no more washing and steaming all those Dr. Brown's parts. We use Publix whole milk ($2.99 a gallon) b/c they don't give their cows hormones, same as those expensive organic brands.

holly said...

how are you transitioning? i want to, too!

brandon, good to know about publix brand. we currently are horizon drinkers at $6.99/gallon. i can only imagine how much milk we will go through as the boys grow up!