Monday, October 17, 2011

Cousin Catastrophe

Walt and Terence have a catch phrase for all their outings-gone-wrong {and there have been plenty of them ~ think trucks stuck in the mud, boats stuck on sandbars, wedding bands lost forever in water hazards}. They call them Cousin Catastrophes.

Hence, I give you the next generation of the Cousin Catastrophe:

Friday I took the day off and kept the girls home along with Connor and Dylan while Granny went to the mountains and Aunt Michelle went to work. I basically gave these four the run of the house for more than an hour as I tried to get some sewing finished and laundry done. I must say they did quite well considering all the freedoms they were afforded.

What you might not be able to tell from above is that every pillow in the house has been piled on top of Anna Claire’s bed. I can’t remember what they were pretending, but it sure kept them busy. While the house was certainly a catastrophe, after all was said and done I must say everyone did a great job in helping to clean up.

Sadly, the real catastrophe of the weekend is that Connor and Dylan both came down with a nasty virus. Seeing as they were at our house much of the day Friday, we are holding our breath in the hopes Anna Claire and Mallory don’t come down with it.

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bereccah said...

Playing nicely together is SO worth a pillow mess!!! Cute pic!