Friday, October 7, 2011

Dance Class Darlings

Anna Claire and Mallory are loving dance class and they adore their teacher. I love watching them through the window and would give anything to be able to get into the studio with a hidden camera and get some pictures...they are cute and funny and a little uncoordinated ~ but they are learning!

Mallory is so funny because when she is practicing a step she's always got her tongue sticking out to the side of her mouth ~ thinking hard about how to get her toe to point and tap at the same time while her arms are doing what they're supposed to do while trying to watch herself in the mirror instead of the teacher!

Anna Claire is often somewhere in la-la land and has to be brought back to reality a few times each dance class, but she gets right back on track and is usually able to learn the steps just fine. She loves the class and has so much fun; I just think she gets tired about half~way through.

So, until I figure out a way to rig up my hidden camera inside the studio, pictures of the girls dressed and ready to go to dance class is the best I've got...but aren't they adorable?

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