Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Field Trip!

Last week Anna Claire and Mallory had their class field trip to the corn maze {this is the same corn maze we visited last year as a family}. Everyone wore their jack-o-lantern t-shirts they made in class, and it sure did help keep everyone together while looking cute at the same time.
Despite the fact that it was unseasonably HOT for 10 am on an October morning {which I think accounts for a bit of fussiness from Mallory not long after we arrived}, both girls had a great time! Mallory was the only student in class who raised her hand to answer questions about the farm animals and she answered them correctly. {What do horses eat? Hay. Are pigs clean or dirty? Clean. And another question about cows that I can’t remember.}

Because we traveled around the “farm” in a group, it made it difficult to get good pictures of the girls, so I’ll just share a few.

Note to Self: The next time Anna Claire and Mallory go on a field trip to a farm, take the whole day off from work. Do not plan to go back to work wearing the same clothes you wore on the farm!

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