Monday, October 3, 2011

October...Ready or Not!

Is October really here already?

Our October calendar is packed full of all sorts of exciting events: dance classes, two playschool field trips, a golf tournament, lots of Halloween activities, a surprise performance down at the Coliseum {you’ll have to wait for that, too!}, flu vaccines {yuck!}, and more....
So, we kicked of the month with a very. lazy. weekend. We stayed home all weekend except for a quick trip to Publix and enjoyed the cooler weather outside, watched way too much TV, and played with just about every toy in the house. The place is still a wreck!

I also decorated for fall which included hanging a wreath on the front door and another in front of the mirror over the fireplace mantle. This is when I was reminded I really don’t have a lot of fall/Halloween decorations {shopping, anyone?}. Now that the girls are getting older, I’m really trying to decorate the house for more than just Christmas!

I also realized the Anna Claire and Mallory’s wardrobe is NOT ready for the cooler temps. I always get caught by the first cold snap in October. They have a few nicer cold~weather outfits for playschool and weekend outings, but as far as play clothes are concerned, Anna Claire and Mallory have a total of five pairs of pants {two of those are pants that still fit ~ for now ~ from last year}, and they have two new long-sleeved t-shirts {more shopping, anyone?}.

I’ve been looking online for clothes because I haven’t been able to find anything in stores, and I am not impressed with what I’m seeing for play clothes {I could shop till the cows come home for dress~clothes}. I try to steer away from “too~trendy,” but I’m finding that harder and harder the older the girls get. For example, all I can find are “skinny” pants or leggings. Really? What happened to all the cute pants from years past with a little flair at the bottom? If you know whose selling them, please let me know! Maybe the stores put out their fall clothes this past weekend. It looks like I’ll be hitting the outlets Saturday!

For now, here are a few pics of the girls playing outside this weekend…wearing the same pair of pants as last weekend. ;-)

 crazy hair...
 and more crazy hair...

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