Monday, October 24, 2011

Disney on Ice

Saturday we treated the girls to Disney on Ice and they loved it! Anna Claire was just mesmerized by the whole event and Mallory literally shrieked with delight every time a new "act" would come out onto the ice. I've got to say, I was a pretty awesome show. Once again, Disney does not disappoint.

Mallory says her favorite was the princess part {a huge emphasis on Beauty and the Beast, so no surprise}. Anna Claire's favorite part was getting a Dopey lovie. My favorite part was It's a Small World. I think part of that was my surprise that it was such a huge part of the show. And, they also told the whole Mulan story! We weren't expecting that either.
And in more true Disney fashion, there was no shortage of opportunities for them to take even more of our money. Of course, the girls had to had a toy. Mallory chose a huge Belle figurine bringing our total number of Belle dolls to three, and Anna Claire chose Dopey ~ another lovie. She hasn't let him out of her sight, though.
We had great seats and the girls had a wonderful time!

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