Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Here We Come

The girls could have worn their Halloween costumes to dance class Wednesday afternoon, but I was a little concerned about what condition their costumes would be in by Monday if they wore them Wednesday afternoon and then again to school on Thursday. Not to mention, their costumes are fleece, so I thought they might be hot.

Solution: They wore their sassy little Halloween skirts Grandmom just bought them and could not have been happier about it. They wore witches' hats and danced to Ghost Busters, The Monster Mash, and Flying Purple People Eaters.

We didn't get word until late Tuesday the girls could wear their costumes. Come to find out, they were the only ones dressed even remotely Halloweenish {maybe some didn't get the message at all?}. Here I was worried they'd be the only ones whose mommy didn't let them wear their actual costumes, but now I'm really glad they didn't go to class decked out in their costumes from head to toe!

They did wear their costumes to playschool yesterday and looked too cute. Pictures coming soon. We are all ready for Halloween and Trick~or~Treating...are you?

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holly said...

they are precious! and i love how you did white tights—very candy cornish!!