Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blueberry Picking and Puddle Jumping

Yesterday after breakfast we picked blueberries. Both girls were very excited at the start but it was hot even in the morning, and they both eventually lost interest. About that time our bucket was full. Not bad for maybe forty~five minutes of picking which included two false~alarm trips to the potty for Mallory which eventually resulted in poopy panties. Lovely.

Don't be fooled by Anna Claire sitting down on the job. While Mallory and Dylan ran around playing their three~year~old version of freeze tag, Anna Claire was right there beside me {most of the time} trying her best to fill her bucket.

I love this picture of Connor and Mallory.
Now, I am looking for some inspiration on what to do with a gallon of blueberries. Any good recipes out there? I am leaning towards these blueberry cheesecake bars.
While the girls were napping a good old~fashioned summer thunderstorm started up. Great napping weather for the girls who both slept beyond their usual one~and~a~half hours. Once the thunder finally woke them up and the rain stopped, we went outside to jump in some puddles and burn off some energy.
The Easter Bunny brought them these rain boots for Easter 2010...and they finally fit!
I love this picture because it shows how long Mallory's hair is...and how short Anna Claire's is. I am thinking they may need their first haircuts before school starts. Mallory...just and inch or two to even up the bottom which will probably mean the loss of those sweet baby curls still hanging on to the tip ends of her hair. And Anna Claire... to try and give some shape to her thick, wavy mop.

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