Saturday, June 25, 2011

Art Appreciation

Anna Claire and Mallory love to paint and I love that they already have an appreciation for it. However, painting can be messy {they do pretty well, considering}, so it's not an any~time~of~day activity around here. I usually encourage them to paint in the morning...while they're still in their pajamas...and that usually satisfies their creative urge.

Most of the time, they paint upstairs in the playroom, and since we moved their playroom upstairs back in December {probably my favorite room in the house!}, I never seem to remember to bring my camera up there, and if they're doing something cute or silly, the moment has usually passed by the time I run downstairs, get the camera, then run back upstairs.

Since school has been out we've been spending a lot more time upstairs and I've been bringing my camera here's a little peek at the artists at work. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures of their finished pieces, but I do save their paintings...for a little while at least.

I think I really need these frames to display some of their mini masterpieces {great idea, Holly!}. Their bulletin boards are still full of their school work, and while I need to clear them off for fall, I still haven't found a viable storage option. {any suggestions?}

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