Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Fun in the Sun

Disney World will probably be the highlight of our summer, but make no mistake ~ we have been enjoying ourselves in other ways, too. Since it has been sooooo hot lately with heat indices topping out around 110 degrees {!!!!}, we have been spending a lot of time in the water.
This may be a little redneck, but with the girls potty trained, taking the potty outside has been a life~saver. With all the water they drink in the pool, we'd otherwise be making trip after trip inside no doubt dripping water all over the floors. This is just so much easier.

Is there anything better that eating tomatoes straight out the garden? No sooner had Granny put the basket down than Mallory was digging in.

Walter spent Father's Day either doing cannonballs into the pool, or being "pushed " in by Anna Claire and Mallory. Pushing people into the pool is there new favorite game. I'm not so sure we should have started this.

Looking for Daddy's sunglasses...
Father's Day was also Grandmom's birthday, so after spending the morning in the pool, we headed over to celebrate!
Happy {belated} Father's Day to Walter and my dad and Happy {belated} Birthday to Grandmom!

We finally made it to the beach yesterday and to the Sand Dunes Club on Sullivan's Island. We've been trying to get over there forever because Granny and Papa have privileges through SCE&G. When we woke up yesterday morning, I saw ~ and smelled ~ the first signs from the wildfires. I didn't really want to spend the day outside at the beach in a smoky haze but hoped the ocean breeze might help. When we got there it was so hazy you could hardly see the lighthouse and we could smell the smoke, but once the tide turned and the breeze kicked up, it got much better.

The girls love their Little Einsteins beach charis {my $3 yard sale find last fall!}.

Probably the best part about the Sand Dunes Club is the pool. The girls loved it because they thought they were at the water park, and I loved it because it was free, and because we were able to rinse off all the salt and sand before the ride home. I definitely think we'll be going back!

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