Monday, June 20, 2011

Disney Part V: Our Last Day {or the magic must eventually come to an end}

Cousins being silly on the bus...

On our last full day at Disney, we spent the morning at Animal Kingdom. I was at first worried it would be a lot like Hollywood Studios in that there wouldn't be much for the little ones to do. I was kinda right, and the entire morning ended up being saved by the Finding Nemo show {see, it was a lot like Hollywood Studios}. This show was awesome and I am so sad that flash photography wasn't allowed. The girls might have liked this as much as the Beauty and the Beast Show.

As soon as were were through the gates, we saw Goofy. Wait a minute...who's that going in for the hug first?

 After our photo op with Goofy, we headed straight for the safari. I won't bore you with pictures of all the animals, but the girls loved the ride!

 Later, we rode the Triceratops Spin...

 And Anna Claire goofed off with Goofy and Pluto...
Of course, Mallory had already seen Goofy that morning and had met both Goofy and Pluto earlier in the week, so she did not feel the need to wait in line to have her picture taken with them again.

That afternoon we headed back for one final time to Magic Kingdom to ride some of our favorites one last time.

Since we had our big sit~down meal at the Yak and Yeti {yum!} at Animal Kingdom, we grabbed a prime parade~viewing spot on Main Street and ate corn dogs, hot dogs, and fries while waiting for the parade to begin.
 Trying for a family photo...
 I don't know what we're looking at, but the girls are in awe!
 And the next minute they were hiding their faces from Captain Hook!
 The next morning it was time to head home...
Making a wish in the fountain of the hotel lobby...hopefully they wished we'd be back soon!
 Our final attempt at a family photo...
Just how exhausted do Walter and I look?!

We had an great time, though, and cannot wait to go back!

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