Saturday, June 18, 2011

Disney Part III: Hollywood Studios {or the almost wasted morning}

Hollywood Studios had Extra Magic hours Wednesday, so we were there early which, other than allowing us to get Fast Passes for Toy Story Mania, really wasn't necessary as there wasn't much else for the girls to do at 8AM. So, we let them run around on the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids playground, which was pretty cool, and it was huge. They loved it!

Just before our Fast Passes became valid, we noticed the line to meet Buzz and Woody was beginning to form. What luck! We ended up not too far back in line...but still had to wait forever for the doors to open and the line to start moving. Anna Claire and Mallory got a little silly in the stroller while we waited...
Another attempt at a family photo. The lady handling the line took the camera from Walter so he could get in the shot. I think I am telling the photo pass photographer and the lady with our camera to just take the picture because there was no way Mallory was going to look at the camera! Another example of her shyness around the came and went with no predictability.
After riding Toy Story Mania {really just OK in my book...the girls could have cared less}, we tried to get the girls to see The Little Mermaid show, but they said they were too afraid of Ursula {!!!}, so we tried to catch Disney Junior - Live on Stage but they closed the doors just before we got there ~ like I saw the lady close the door as I was running towards her. That ended up being a blessing in disguise {more on that later}.

Instead, Anna Claire and I hopped in line to meet Annie and Leo {notice: no Mallory}.
With time to kill, we decided to head on up near the front of the park for the Beauty and the Beast show which was our top priority. {ALL Mallory wanted was to see Belle, and I was starting to get sad for her that we hadn't found the princess yet.} The first show didn't begin until 11:30 and since we missed the Disney Jr. show that meant we were at the head of the line. We waited maybe 5 minutes before they started letting us fill the amphitheater which meant we got amazing seats ~ fifth row!! The show was wonderful and completely mesmerized Anna Claire and Mallory. If you ask them, I think they will tell you this show was their absolute favorite thing we did at any of the parks...and totally made what had just about become a wasted morning at Hollywood studios completely worth it!
That evening we headed back to Magic Kingdom for dinner reservations at Crystal Palace. My plan was to get a Fast Pass for the princess meet and greet before dinner, so we could go straight back there afterwards. Lucky us ~ the wait was only fifteen minutes and Belle was there! Belle!! Twice in one day! You bet we got right in line.

Mallory suffered through Sleeping Beauty... she could get to Belle, who was just wonderful with them, by the way.

Cinderella was last, and Mallory was outta there!
Next up was the Pooh and friends character dinner at Crystal Palace. The girls did great and the buffet here was awesome ~ much better than Chef Mickey's.

I don't have many pictures of after dinner, and I'm trying to remember what we did. This must be the night we rode the Jungle Cruise {no pictures; the girls were a little on edge ~ maybe because it was getting dark and they were on a boat with dangerous jungle beasts lurking on the banks of the river!}.

Thank goodness for Aladdin's Magic Carpets!

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