Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three~Year Well Check

{Anna Claire}
37 3/4 inches tall and 31 1/2 pounds
37 1/2 inches tall and 32 1/2 pounds
The girls are doing great! Mallory needs to drink more milk and stop biting her fingernails {which I already knew}, and I think we've got a plan for dealing with a few discipline issues arising from these terrible threes...everyone warned me!

Week after next we head to the dentist {yesterday's appointment was cancelled ~ sick dentist}.


Brandon said...

What dentist are you going to see? We need to make Owen an appt too.

Brandon said...

That's the same place we want to take Owen! We've heard good things, but we'll let you guys be the guinea pigs.

I was leary of going to any place other than Edisto, but it really is a nice little beach neighborhood. And there is much more sand than at Edisto. It's less than two hours away and Myrtle Beach is another 30 minutes. It's close enough if you want to go, but far enough to stay away from the crowds.