Monday, June 13, 2011

Under the Sea Jamboree

As you know, Anna Claire and Mallory turned three on the third of June. How cool is that...turning 3 on the 3rd ~ that'll never happen again. To celebrate, we had an "under the sea" themed party and invited all the girls' most special family members. I had originally thought we would invite their classmates since this was their first year of "school," but with all the craziness of also getting ready for Disney we decided again this year to keep it just family. Like I told someone, I had time to get my house "family clean" but not "company clean."
The birthday girls! They were so excited about their party!
And, the proud grandmothers ~
I told myself I'd do a better job of getting pictures of all our guests, and I did, but most of them are out of focus because I unknowingly had my camera on the wrong setting for most of the party.

The food table decorated with netting, sea shells, and ocean animals ~
Party favors: Nemo fruit snacks, goldfish crackers, and Go Fish cards, and I made a jell~o fish bowl ~

 M&Ms, Swedish fish, jelly bellys and a bowl full of goldfish ~
 The girls' super~cute fish cakes ~

 It's not a party without balloons!
I kind of flaked out on decorations at the last minute because I was running out of time {someone remind me next year never to plan a birthday party and a vacation at the same time}. These were supposed to resemble jellyfish...or something ~
Presents ~
Thank you everyone for the wonderful gifts. You are all too generous. Anna Claire and Mallory got some wonderful presents. Their favorites include the ladybug board game from Owen and the Disney princess watercolor paint set from Celi and Will. They also got lots of cash this year which went a long way in Disney World. Thank you all!
 Time to blow out the candles...
 ...and eat some cake and ice cream!
Last year, our monkey pinata was the pull~string kind, but the only fish pinata I could find this year was the kind you have to hit...and hit...and hit. There was no getting into this thing with the girls' toy golf clubs, so Walter had to bring out the real thing and hack into the pinata himself.

Happy third birthday to our sweet girls! Thanks to all our amazing family members for making their day so special. We love you all!
Look at Mallory's right eye. I know she's looking off to the side, but I've been noticing it more lately and I'm a little worried something's not quite right.


Brandon said...

Replying to your comment:

I was out for almost a month after week five, and I picked up right where I left off. I couldn't believe I didn't have to start over. I think what made the difference for me was a) not doing it on the treadmill...I hit the street and b) not listening to my was too distracting while watching my watch.

Brandon said...

The pinata was fun...I still have gooey sugar babies stuck to my shoes!