Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bathing Beauties

Anna Claire and Mallory have a new bathtub. They have recently become too big for the baby bath tub (the kind that fits in the kitchen sink or on a counter top), but they aren't quite sitting up by themselves yet. Until they can, we needed something that would bridge the gap and make bath time fun and comfortable.

After considering several options, our new inflatable tub is doing just the trick. It fits both girls, so I only have to run bath water once, and I can bathe the girls one right after the other - such a time saver (more time to splash around!). The girls are super comfortable and most of the time look like they are lounging poolside when they aren't lunging for bath toys which we also have room for in our new tub!

I can't wait until they can sit up on their own and play, I mean take a bath, in the big girls' tub. Bath time, I'm sure, will take on a whole new meaning.



holly said...

what is the name of this tub? bathing two at once sounds like a dream come true!

Lisa said...

Our new tub is Especially for Baby from Babies R Us/Toys R Us for $12.99.

Lumos80 said...

ur babies are beautiful...:)