Friday, December 5, 2008

Six Months Old

Yes, it's true. My little girls are growing up. They were six months old Wednesday. I cannot believe how much they've grown and changed. It seems like yesterday all they did was eat, poop, and sleep. Now they laugh, "talk," play, roll around, try to sit up, sleep all the way through the night - they amaze me everyday!

Anna Claire and Mallory's new thing is sucking on their tongue and/or bottom lip and making this silly clicking sound and even goofier faces. I'll have to try to get some decent video to post.

We're a little off schedule with the girls' doctor's visits. We don't go for their 6th month check-up until January, but we do go next week for their flu shot. I have tons of questions I've been waiting to ask, & I'm hoping they will weigh the girls. They are getting sooo heavy! I'm guessing they weigh in the neighborhood of 15 lbs. each.

sorry about the goofy spacing. i'm too tired to try to figure out what's wrong.

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Tracy said...

They look adorable!!! Happy 6 months!