Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Six Month Update

The girls had their first dose of the flu shot Friday and all went as well as could be expected. Anna Claire and Mallory only shed a few tears. They were so brave.

The best news is that while at the doctor's office we weighed the girls and Anna Claire came in at 15 lbs. 13 oz. and Mallory weighs 16 lbs 4 oz.! WOW - way to go, girls. And...because of all that weight gain and the girls' great response to eating all their cereal, fruits and veggies, the doctor gave us the go-ahead to drop a bottle. We had been feeding the girls 6.5 oz. five times a day every three hours for what felt like forever and they were rarely finishing all their formula, sometimes leaving as many as 3 oz. I think the feedings had become too close together given the amount they were/were not drinking plus the addition of two meals.

We're now giving the girls 7 oz. four times a day: 7:30, 11:30, 3:00, and 7:00 in addition to their breakfast and dinner meals. This schedule adjustment did make for a rough weekend and we still don't quite have naps figured out, but I think it is working out so much better. An added bonus is that I don't have to rush home from work to feed the girls at 4:30 giving me an extra 30 minutes of fun time (not feeding time) with Anna Claire and Mallory. We got so much done today after we got home and still had plenty of time to play before supper.

Anna Claire got her giggle box turned over. She's such a silly little girl...

...and here's Mallory practicing her sky diving free-fall. I think she's going to be our adventurous one.


Tracy said...

I'm curious about how you stretched out the feedings...not that we're ready to do that, but did your kiddos fight it? Mine get so *PISSED* when they are hungry that you would think I never feed them. I always ask them, "Have I ever starved you? Why do you have to get so MAD?" I'm pretty sure they don't understand me. Or care. LOL

Tracy said...

By the way, love the pics! :)

(I guess it's not all about me all the time. Jeez. I get in such a rush that I forget my manners sometimes. I know you understand.)