Sunday, December 21, 2008

Family Photo

I think this is the first picture taken of the four of us since the day Anna Claire and Mallory came home from the hospital! Other than Anna Claire with her mouth wide open - which is how we find her most often these days, usually stuffing something inside (teething!) - I think this is a great picture to remember the girls' first Christmas.

Tonight was the big family Christmas party for Walter's mom's side. The party rotates around the family and this year it was held at the Legare-Waring House at Charlestowne Landing. Not exactly a kid-friendly location, but the girls did great. We stuck with our commitment of keeping to our schedule and getting them home in time for supper and bedtime even though it meant leaving the party after having been there just one hour, and as a result, everything worked out perfectly!

I'm considering this our "dry run" for Christmas Eve. So far, so good.

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