Tuesday, December 30, 2008

On Christmas Day in the Morning

Anna Claire and Mallory woke up bright and early Christmas morning. We brought them out into the living room, and when they saw all the cool things Santa had brought them they were...well, they were speechless. ;-) I guess they really didn't know what to think and just sort of stared at all the toys. We (I mean Santa) didn't wrap any of their gifts so after bottles, it was time to dive right in. The immediate hits were the Leap Frog Learn and Groove musical table and the V-Tech spinning alphabet thingy (I can't remember it's actual name).
Anna Claire and Mallory checking out their new toys with Daddy...
We left our house and headed to my parents' to open more gifts with Granny & Papa, Uncle Brian, Aunt Michell and Cousins Connor & Dylan. The girls got more toys and lots of clothes - all size 9 months - which looks huge to me. I can't believe they are out-growing their six month sizes. Here's Mallory sitting up on her own again - such a big girl! And here's Anna Claire relaxing with Papa after opening all those gifts.And not long after, snoozing with Daddy in a quiet corner upstairs...After that, it was on to Aunt Pam and Uncle Ronnie's to open presents with the Watson clan - all the girls' aunts, uncles, and cousins from Granny's side of the family. More presents and books, and two precious ballerina pig ornaments from Cousin Owen...
Also, a time out from playing with their new toys for a lunch break!
Well, by this time Christmas morning was long over. It was about midday and time to move on. Next, it was on to Grandmom's house for more food and presents with Walter's family.

We were back home in time for a much-needed afternoon nap around 4:00. Later that night, back in our comfy clothes, Granny and Papa came over to see what Santa had brought the girls. Yep, that's little Anna Claire sitting up all by herself in the background! Mallory just loves her new baby doll (one of three) and stroller/walker. It took Walter and I forever to put those things together on Christmas Eve. We thought we were assembling strollers for a real baby there were so many parts and screws!With so much going on Christmas morning, we completely forgot to give the girls their Christmas stockings. By that evening, they could have cared less - and you can totally tell by the looks on their faces.I know how hectic the day sounds, but there was absolutely no stress; we just rolled with the punches, and the girls were amazing! There may always be a part of me that wants to say all the travelling from one house to another isn't worth it - you know where we live if you want to come and visit - but the truth of the matter is we are so lucky to have ALL our family within a five-mile radius of us and it is only one day out of the year. We wouldn't have it any other way!

All in all, we had a great first Christmas with Anna Claire and Mallory. It was everything I hoped it would be, and I am already looking forward to next Christmas.

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Tracy said...

We got that Learn and Groove table, too, and I can't wait until the babies are old enough to play with it. Well, I can, but you know what I mean.

The other big hit at our house was the Jumperoo...already seeing some action. :) I'll post video soon.

Happy New Year!