Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's a First

I had the babies all by myself tonight (that is not a first) while Walter and Cousin Chauncey work on a Christmas present for the girls. Can you guess what it is from the picture below?

Usually the girls get rocked to sleep on a typical night as Walter and I feed them their bedtime bottles. We each get comfy in our La-Z Boy recliners, turn down the lights and the volume on the TV, and rock and feed until the girls are sound asleep. When I feed them alone at night, which isn't that often, I lay them each in a boppy on our bed and "simulfeed" them - but they don't ever fall asleep. Fussing and rocking is often involved until the girls eventually fall asleep.

Tonight I am tired, so I decided to just put each girl down wide awake. Neither was fussy or "wired," so I thought I'd give it a shot. It worked! Both girls were asleep in minutes. I do not remember a time when we laid both girls in their cribs awake and had them fall asleep on their own! YAY!

Anna Claire and Mallory have never had real sleep issues, and I never complain about rocking either girl to sleep for naps (when necessary) or bedtime. I actually love doing it. But tonight with Walter not here, it was so nice to lay them down and have them fall fast asleep. Now that I know they can do it...we may have something to work on over Christmas break. ;-)

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holly said...

yay! congratulations on the girls falling asleep on their own!!

so, what is it? a playhouse? a tree house? a really big doll house? what?